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Diddly Dank Records, inc. (abbreviated as DDR) is an Australian-based music label that operates as a subsidiary of the Canadian

Government's Foreign Youth Outreach Program. DDR is cited as Australia's third largest company behind Qantas Airways Limited and Aeroplane Jelly. Diddly Dank Records' global corporate headquarters are in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Diddly Dank Records was established on August 17, 1979, by Diddlingtonne Danksworth. The company was established by Danksworth, an ASMR Heavy Metal musician, after two decades of failed attempts at trying to find a record company that would sign him. DDR was initially funded by Danksworth's father, Dinkery-Doo Danksworth, a successful lawyer. Danksworth was the first person to be contracted to produce an album for the label. It took 5 years for Danksworth to write an album he felt worthy to release, an album he titled "The Soothing Background Noises of Blood Loss", but two days before the recording sessions were set to take place, he accidentally ingested a near-fatal dosage of toothpaste.